Sat, 03 Dec 2016
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Do you need to ensure that your process complies with a regulatory standard?  We can do that!

Why SafeCode?
Because you need solutions that address:

There are so many software tools that must be considered in a well-run software project: Requirements Management, Project Management, Modeling & Diagramming, Code Editing, Issue Tracking, Version and Configuration Management, Compilers, Debuggers, Analyzers, Test Suites... Which tools will you need?

Disciplined Development

There are many approaches to developing software; but only a few good ones. Lack of a well-defined process, executed with rigor and discipline invariably leads to cost and schedule overruns. Still, it is the rare project manager who does not abandon the mapped path when pressures begin to mount.

Regulated Environments

DO-178B, IEC-61508, 21 CFR part 820, ... Many standards, one real goal: to assure that the software and firmware to which we entrust our lives, health, and safety does not expose us to unintended risks.

Software Complexity

Software is a complex product. It performs complex actions, with or without human intervention. It is all around us; in our vehicles, in our offices, in our pockets, and sometimes even inside our bodies. It minds our finances, our businesses, our health, and our safety.

Worth Remembering
"It’s hard to read through a book on the principles of magic without glancing at the cover periodically to make sure it isn’t a book on software design." -- Bruce Tognazzini, “Principles, Techniques and Ethics of Stage Magic and their Application to Human Interface Design”, Proceedings of INTERCHI, April 1993
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